Frank Ginatra - Junimperium
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Frank Ginatra

A cocktail from the shadows of a jazz club where our gin is blended with smoky mezcal and aromatic Angostura bitter.


  • 25 ml Junimperium Blended Dry Gin
  • 25 ml Del Maguey Vida mezcal
  • 25 ml Suze
  • 20 ml Amaro di Angostura
  • 1 dash of Angostura bitter
  • Lemon peel


  • Fill a mixing glass with ice. Add all the ingredients to the glass and stir 20 - 25 times. 
  • Strain everything into an ice-filled gimlet or smaller cocktail glass.
  • Cut the peel from lemon and garnish your cocktail.

Blended Dry Gin

A rich, citrusy and slightly peppery gin with a strong juniper flavour.



Located at the hip Telliskivi area, Junimperium Distillery is the first open artisan gin distillery in Tallinn and Estonia, which offers distillery tours for everyone interested in the history of gin and the art of production.