Summer Edition Gin - Junimperium

Summer Edition Gin

Lingonberry infused gin

A special combination of freshness and citrus with just a touch of the bittersweet – this is our Summer Edition Gin. It’s a complex blend of the world’s best junipers, coriander, angelica, orris, vanilla, cardamom, lemon peel and bitter orange peel flavoured with a filtered lingonberry infusion. 


  • International Spirits Challenge 2020

    Bronze - Taste

  • Berlin International Spirits Competition 2020

    Silver - Tasting competition

  • Craft Spirits Berlin 2020

    Silver - Tasting competition

  • World Gin Awards 2020

    Bronze - Flavoured Gin

  • The Spirits Business Gin Masters 2019

    Silver - Tasting competition


  • Angelica root

    Angelica root brings all our botanicals together in a harmony of flavours while adding its own character to our gin.

  • Bitter orange

    Know for its tartness, bitter orange add a zesty citrus note with marmalade overtones to our gin.

  • Cardamom

    Cardamom adds a unique, yet contradictory note to our gin, as it is hard to describe, but hard to miss.

  • Coriander seeds

    Coriander seeds give our gin a slightly spicy and citrusy hint to make the flavours pop.

  • Juniper berries

    The combination of three of the world’s best junipers and the finest local berries give our gin its unique juniper taste.

  • Lemon peel

    Lemon peel adds some light summer freshness with its zestiness.

  • Lingonberry

    Lingonberry gives our unique gin its wonderful colour and a slight tartness.

  • Orris root

    Orris root is responsible for all the floral notes on the nose and the finish.

  • Vanilla

    A touch of unexpected sweetness that vanilla adds to our gin, makes every sip a wonderful surprise.

Tasting notes

The nose

Citrusy, slightly floral.

The palate

Fresh and aromatic with a distinct spicy note.

The finish

A long finish which extends on cardamom, bitter orange and lingonberry.

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