Winter Edition Gin - Junimperium

Winter Edition Gin

Unfiltered lingonberry infused gin

Our winter edition gin, which is defined by a rare warm and spicy, yet bittersweet, taste unique in its complexity, is carefully blended from the world’s best junipers, coriander, angelica, vanilla, cassia bark, cardamom, and bitter orange. and thereafter flavoured with an unfiltered lingonberry infusion.


  • International Spirits Challenge 2020

    Silver - Taste

  • Craft Spirits Berlin 2020

    Bronze - Tasting competition

  • World Gin Awards 2020

    Silver - Flavoured Gin

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019

    Silver - Tasting competition


  • Angelica root

    Angelica root brings all our botanicals together in a harmony of flavours while adding its own character to our gin.

  • Bitter orange

    Know for its tartness, bitter orange add a zesty citrus note with marmalade overtones to our gin.

  • Cardamom

    Cardamom adds a unique, yet contradictory note to our gin, as it is hard to describe, but hard to miss.

  • Cassia bark

    Cassia bark comes from the same family as cinnamon and gives our gin a hint of sweet and warm spice.

  • Juniper berries

    The combination of three of the world’s best junipers and the finest local berries give our gin its unique juniper taste.

  • Lingonberry

    Lingonberry gives our unique gin its wonderful colour and a slight tartness.

  • Vanilla

    A touch of unexpected sweetness that vanilla adds to our gin, makes every sip a wonderful surprise.

Tasting notes

The nose

Spicy and armoatic with a slight note of berries.

The palate

Dry and aromatic with a distinct spicy note.

The finish

A long finish that extends on cardamom, bitter orange and lingonberry.

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