Sloe Gin - Junimperium

Sloe Gin

Made from sloe berries and jumbo juniper berries

Our Sloe Gin derives its exquisite taste from the unique combination of fresh sloe berries and the world’s sweetest jumbo juniper berries. Blended with just the right amount of coriander and orange peel infusion, you get a distinctively fruity, but fresh and slightly citrusy sloe gin with delightful juniper notes. A perfect sipping gin. Enjoy neat as a digestif, over some ice with lemonade, or as part of a cocktail.


  • World Gin Awards 2021

    Best Estonian Sloe

  • World Gin Awards

    World's Best Sloe


  • Coriander seeds

    Coriander seeds give our gin a slightly spicy and citrusy hint to make the flavours pop.

  • Juniper berries

    The combination of three of the world’s best junipers and the finest local berries give our gin its unique juniper taste.

  • Orange peel

    Orange peel adds some sweet, but slightly bitter citrus notes to our gin.

  • Sloe berry

    Sloe berry gives our Sloe Gin a beautiful red colour and fruity notes.

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